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sodium perboratesodium perborate
Sodium Perborate monohydrate (Synonyms: sodium peroxyborate, sodium peroxoborate, PB1) is similar to sodium percarbonate as a famous oxygen bleach agent. Sodium perborate offers many of the functional benefits as liquid hydrogen peroxide in a stable solid form. The oxidative power of sodium perborate improves the cleaning, bleaching, stain removal and deodorizing performance of powder detergent formulations, all fabric dry bleaches, denture cleaners, automatic dishwasher detergents and various institutional and industrial laundry products.
Sodium perborate monohydrate is prepared by dehydrating sodium perborate tetrahydrate. The monohydrated sodium perborate is essentially showing three advantages in comparison with the tetrahydrated sodium perborate: a higher content of available oxygen, a higher heat stability and a higher dissolution rate into water. It provides a high available oxygen content equivalent to 32% hydrogen peroxide - 50% more active oxygen than the same weight of sodium perborate tetrahydrate. Sodium perborate releases nascent oxygen at elevated temperatures, it is a stable, solid source of active oxygen.
Sodium perborate will decompose in the environment to natural borate. Although boron is an essential micronutrient for healthy growth of plants, it can be harmful to boron sensitive plants in higher quantities. Care should be taken to minimize the amount of borate product released to the environment
Specification Item Tetrahydrate Monohydrate
Available Oxygen, % Min.10.0 Min.15.0
Bulk Density,g/L 550-800 480-740
Wet Stability,% Min.80 Min.85
Ferric,% Max.0.0015 Max.0.0015
pH value(1% solution) 9.5-10.5 9.5-10.5
Appearance White free flowing crystalline powder
Packing: Net 25kgs in PP-PE bags

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