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potassium persulphate potassium persulphate

Potassium persulphate is a white crystal without odor, which are often used as a strong oxidizer or monomer polymerization initiator. It hardly absorbs moisture. Due to its extremely high pureness and stability, it can be stored easily. Besides, it also features in simple and safe usage, etc.





Active Oxygen


Chloride & Chlorate(Calculated as CI)


Heavy Metal(Calculated as Pb)






Water Content



Potassium persulphate is but only an initiator for latex or acrylic monomer polymer fluid, vinyl acetate or chloroethylene, etc. but also an initiator for the copolymerization of cinnamene, acrylonitrile, butadiene and other colloids. It is often used as a strong oxidizer and has the following usages:
(1) it is used as desizing agent or active bleaching agent;
(2) it is suitable for the oxidation degradation of harmful substances in water pond and closed circuit of treated water;
(3) it is used as a regulator while producing amylum and applied to the production of binder or paint;
(4) suitable for the oxidation of side chain, ethanol and aromatic hydroxyl
(5) it is a principal ingredient of hair dye with discoloring function.

Storage & Warnings:

Potassium persulphate is of a non-flammable product. However, because it may release oxygen and support combustion, it is required to be stored under a certain condition. It shall be sealed in an air-proof vessel and stored in a dry place without direct sunlight, heat source, moisten content, etc. And, some impurity, dirt, rust, metal or reducingagent may cause it decomposed, so it shall be stored and used properly. Because potassium persulphate powder with moisture content and potassium persulphate solution has bleaching function and slight of corrosive action, it is required not to contact eyes, skin or clothing directly.

Packing Specs

(1) net weight: 25kg, packaged with single plastic bag in composite paper-plastic bag
(2) net weight: 25kg, packaged with thickened single-layer plastic bag
(3) net weight: 25kg, packaged with double-layer plastic bag in woven bag;
(4) net weight: 25kg, packaged with single plastic bag in fiber drum;
(5) net weight: 1000kg, packaged with woven bag
(6) net weight: 25kg, packaged with PE bag or 25K paper carton


HS NO.28334000
UN NO.1492
CAS NO.7727-21-1

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