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sodium persulphate
ammonium persulphate
potassium  persulphate
potassium monopersulfate
Sodium Percarbonate

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xanthan gum
  Oil Drillig & Exploitation Grade Xanthan Gum is specially produced as mud additive for oil drilling and expoitation.Being an ecvironment friendly and high efficiency mud additive,FUFENG Oil Drillig & Exploitation Grade Xanthan Gum has an excellent tolerance to the changes of temperature,acid,alkaline and salt.Meanwhile,it can extremely increase the products penetrating ability and suspending performance to small solid materials,and reduce the pressure
folic acid

Appearance of folic acid: yellow or orange crystalline powder.
Quality standard: BP98/USP24
M.F.: C19H19N7O6
Content( dry ): 95.0-102.0%
Usage: used as anti-anaemia medicine
Package: 25kg or 50kg fibre drum.

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